Beef Oxtail Pattie
Beef Oxtail braised in bone broth and red wine

Short Ribs Pattie
Braised short ribs with heirloom vegetables

Curry Chicken Pattie
Chicken simmered in Jamaican curry sauce

Jerk Chicken Pattie
Chicken marinated in secret “Jerk” marinade grilled over pimento wood

Ground Beef Pattie
Ground Black Angus beef braised in classic Jamaican spices

Veggie Pattie
Cabbage, Leeks and carmelized Onions sauteed in Jamaican spices

Beef Bourguignon Pattie
Chuck roast slowly simmered in red wine

Side:Sautéed ripe plantains

Side:Yucca Fries


Ginger Party
Freshly made ginger and pineapple juice

Mambo Mango
Freshly made mango and passion fruit juice

Pure Passion
Freshly made passion fruit and pineapple juice

Jammin H20

Bottled water

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